1 Mar 2019

Ah yes, it's that time of the year again, the biggest VMware usercon in the world is almost upon us: https://www.nlvmug.com/usercon-2019/

In 2019 the NLVMUG UserCon is relocating from the 1931 Congrescentrum in Den Bosch to De Fabrique in Utrecht. The event will take pl...

28 Jan 2019

Sometime last year, a friend of mine told me about his home network and not having adds on any of his devices anymore. Upon asking him how, he told me he used something called Pi-Hole. Pi-Hole? That sounds fishy, but hey, I have found myself quite fed up with all those...

2 Nov 2018

A Horizon deployment is always full of the biggest challenges of all: applications. Be it custom designed web applications, or just your standard office applications, there's always some trouble on the horizon (pun intended). The joy of the work does come from solving...

16 Jul 2018

While working at a customer, troubleshooting several issues in their Horizon deployment, I stumbled across an old issue with Adobe Reader and Outlook. Outlook has a really neat feature that can be used to easily print an e-mail including any attachments. Users here lov...

6 Jul 2018

VMware Empower? What's that you say? Well, can you remember the VMware Partner Exchange (PEX) just in front of the VMworld event? It's a bit the same, but not all the way. People gave VMware a lot of feedback on PEX in the last few years. It was just too much, as there...

30 Apr 2018

It has been a troublesome and difficult time for me these past few months. It started right after being granted my first VMware vExpert status last year. This, and taking the stage at a number of events like the NLVMUG and the Nvidia Global Tech Conference apparently c...

20 Feb 2018

Deploying chrome extensions is usually the easiest thing to accomplish on your own pc. Just visit the Google apps store, and add it to your settings. Making sure you are logged in Chrome helps roam these settings to your other devices. In the enterprise however, say on...

8 Feb 2018

I had the good fortune to be allowed to go to the Nvidia Global Tech Conference in Munich as well as doing a small presentation there about a Proof of Concept I completed a while ago, This PoC was succesful, included Nvidia GRID technology and was therefore deemed inte...

5 Feb 2018

Isn't it bothersome? You have just locked out your ESXi root account, normally, not much to worry about, since the default policy will also unlock the account in two minutes. This excerpt is from the VMware vSphere 6.5 documentation:

ESXi Account Lockout Behavior

19 Dec 2017

Last week I have performed an in place upgrade of a Horizon environment that I built a couple of years ago, still running version 5. The reason for it was a need for an update in terms of security on the WAN side of the environment, making it more secure and adhere to...

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IT Professional and EUC Consultant blogging about VDI, Citrix, VMware and other products I run into or find interesting. Also a passionate windsurfer, droneracer, motorcycle enthousiast and writer for Rockportaal.nl

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