2 Oct 2017

A fun part of VMworld is the solutions exchange. This large hall is full of all kinds of vendors that have something to do or contribute to the VMware infrastructures. They showcase their latest and greatest in their field and provide a lot of swag as well. For anyone...

22 Sep 2017

With the release of every new Horizon version the accompanying release notes are ofcourse a very interesting read. One of the things that are now even included are items about products that are not per se a part of the solution, but are close to it. Nvidia GRID is one...

21 Sep 2017

While on a project to update the Sophos Enterprise Console from version 5.2 to the newest version 5.5 I ran into a nasty problem. The Sophos installer will update all components, including the database if its hosted on the same server, and all seemed to go well. ​ Ther...

12 Sep 2017

Being the first ever VMworld for me, everything is new! Booking a hotel on time is a good idea, having excellent walking shoes and a matching physique is very helpful and being able to process very much information in a short time is key. 

Arriving on Sunday was a bit e...

25 Aug 2017

In the past, the Network Port Diagram for the VMware Horizon View environment was a bit confusing. This manual or guide was created to make sure you could find out how all the components of the VMware Horizon View environment are supposed to be able to communicatie wit...

25 Jul 2017

vGPU technology from Nvidia gives you the capability to share videocard resources in an environment on a very interesting scale. The Nvidia GRID cards were available in K1 and K2, capable of hosting respectively 32 and 16 VM's on a dual width PCI-E card. With the new M...

20 Jul 2017

Don't you just hate it, you have just built a VDI environment and rolled out your first production pool, and what do you see? Your host are all eating away CPU like there's no tomorrow until they are completely unavailable as a result!! Forgot to disable multiple autom...

10 Jul 2017

A customer found a seriously nasty bug with the above mentioned VMware build. When you update to this version, both your vGPU desktops and/or vSGA (Hardware Acceleration) desktops do not work anymore. They fail to boot, reporting that there are no graphics available. R...

29 Jun 2017

Looking for the VMware vSphere Client? One link to rule them all, one link to download, and on your pc install them:

Download URLs for VMware vSphere Client (2089791)


12 Jun 2017

Ruben Spruijt, the current CTO of Atlantis Computing is a real community minded person, always wanting to share knowledge and expertise to all who need it. He has done this in multiple ways, one of which being the culmination of a large number of best practices when it...

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IT Professional and EUC Consultant blogging about VDI, Citrix, VMware and other products I run into or find interesting. Also a passionate windsurfer, droneracer, motorcycle enthousiast and writer for Rockportaal.nl

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